Annihilation | book review

Area X is a mysterious place where nature has reclaimed the Earth, and there are no signs of civilization. For decades, expeditions have been sent across the border to gather as much information as possible about this strange area, to map out the terrain and discover what ... Continue reading


The Book of Joan | book review

When Earth is ravaged by endless wars, the wealthiest humans evacuate to a safe haven, known as CEIL, floating above the planet. CEIL sucks Earth's resources and leaves those left behind to die; meanwhile, everyone living on CEIL become a victim to a new ... Continue reading

Movie Mondays | The Cloverfield Paradox

It's Monday, again. You know what that means---another long week ahead. If you're a sci-fi/horror lover like me, then you might be a little tired today due to Netflix's awesome announcement last night during the Superbowl. I didn't really care about the Superbowl. I also didn't care about halftime, or the commercials. I did care about … Continue reading Movie Mondays | The Cloverfield Paradox